How to Publish a Paper in IJPRSE: Step-by-Step

How to Publish Paper in IJPRSE: Step-by-Step

Publishing a research paper or getting it published in an academic journal can be one of the most fulfilling accomplishments in your academic career. You’ve spent countless hours learning, researching, thinking and writing, and now you get to share your knowledge with others who share your interests and passion for research. This guide on how to publish a paper will help you choose the best journal for publishing Your Research work.

Step 1

In the first step, you can log in to the webpage through a google search, ad link, or any source. Once it gets login the author can see the home page of the International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering (IJPRSE).

Journal Home Page
Journal Home Page

Step 2

Go through the Author guidelines to know the journal Paper Publication process in the International Journal of Progressive Research in science and Engineering.

To Publish a Paper Author Guidelines
Author Guidelines Page

Step 3

Every Journal has the standard manuscript Template to write our research work as an article before paper submission.

Download the Manuscript Template here

Step 4

After preparation of your final article in the IJPRSE Journal Template. Submit manuscript here

Submit Manuscript
Paper Submission Page

Step 5

After submission of your article to IJPRSE

  • You can find this on the webpage as an acknowledgment
Paper Submission Acknowledgment
Submission Acknowledgement
  • The author will get the communication mail as like this to your communicated mail Id.
Communication mail
Journal Communicated Mail

Step 6

  • During this stage, the paper will undergo Peer-Review. Within 48-72 hours author will get the Acceptance or Rejection mail.

    Paper Acceptance or Rejection mail
    Acceptance Mail

Step 7

  • As shown as the author received acceptance mail. He/She has to complete the steps in acceptance mail. After completion of the above steps by the author. Paper will get published within 48-72 hours. And the status of the final paper publication will be communicated through mail along with e-certificates.
Final paper publication
Final Publication Communication
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