Volume-1, Issue-2, May-2020


A Review on Garbage Monitoring System and Waste Management
Author(s): Akanksha Chaudhary, Ruchi Varshney, Mayur Rastogi, Isha Dua.
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A Review of Biosimilar as Medicine
Author(s): Archana Dilip Salunkhe
Pages: 5-6
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Student Monitoring System for Boarding and Leaving Bus
Author(s): Ms.Pradnya Maturkar,Nehal Nandanwar,Mayuri Rahangdale,Sayali Lute,Sayali Zile.
Pages: 7-11
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Micro Structural Analysis of Bacterial Concrete
Author(s): M.Rajesh, Anatol Berhanu Gobana, Gemeda Etefa Keno   
Page(s): 12-14
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Revit in Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) for Facility Management of College Hostel Building 
Shivani Shitole, Udaysingh Choudhary, Saurabh Kilachatwar, Badal Chambhare, Sanjay Karodpati
Page(s): 15-20
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ARM Based Gas Monitoring System
Author(s): Mansi.D.S, Harshitha.Y.J, Priyanka.P, Ruchitha.P, Pavithra.G.S  
Page(s): 21-24
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Finite Element Analysis of Stress in Femur Bone
Author(s): Thasneem Fathima
Page(s): 25-32
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An Overview about a Milestone in Information Security: STEGANOGRAPHY
Author(s): Chandini M. S.
Page(s): 33-35
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Comparative Analysis of Concrete Strength Against Recyclable Ballast and Granite Scrap as Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate
Author(s): Seetunya Jogi, Neelima Dasari, Vijaya Bhavani Daripalli, Priyanka Suryawanshi
Page(s): 36-41
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Low Power Dissipation and Low Power Consumption SRAM Architecture Based On 22-nm CNTFET Technology
Author(s): Prem Singh, Rashmi Priyadarshini B. K.
Page(s): 42-50
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Simulation of Buildings Using Staad pro
Author(s): Rohith Reddy.D, Sai Srinija.M, Lavanya.B
Page(s): 51-58
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Analysis and Design of Flyover Bridge
Author(s): Shaik Zia UrRahman, Balakrishna.K, Ramesh.M
Page(s): 59-63
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IoT Based Toll Booth Management System
Author(s): Sudha M S, Yashodhare K,  Snehil Sarkar,  Spoorthy G,  Shubham Khosla 
Page(s): 64-71
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Concept Mapping: Teaching Science through Two Dimensional Method
Author(s): Rina Sinha
Page(s): 72-74
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Overview of Java Programming
Author(s): Shubham Singh, Hansraj Yadav, Amarjeet Singh
Page(s): 75-77
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Predicting the GDP of India using Machine Learning
Author(s): Navyasri S,  Nayala Hafsa,  Nayana S,  Nireeksha Bilimale,  Asha Rani M
Page(s): 78-81
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Aloe Vera: A Plant with Many Uses  
Author(s): Pranav O. Thakare
Page(s): 82-84
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Analyzing the various aspects of traffic congestion by Intelligent Transportation System
Author(s): Saqlain Haider Mir, Deepak Kumar
Page(s): 85-88
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