Volume-1, Issue-3, June-2020


Li-Fi Based High Speed and Secured Data Transfer using MATLAB
Author(s): Suma V Shetty, Rahul J, Rakesh N, Rohith N, Srinivas V
Page(s): 1-6
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Controlled Access and Management of Personal Health Records using Key-Policy Attribute Based Encryption
Author(s): Gayathri P
Page(s): 7-11
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Traffic congestion in Tier-I and Tier-II cities by executing Intelligent Traffic System
Author(s): Saqlain Haider Mir, Deepak Kumar
Page(s): 12-17
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Problems and Prospects of Machine Learning and Technology
Author(s): Anthony Albert S
Page(s): 18-21
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Bank Customer Complaints Analysis Using Natural Language Processing and Data Mining
Author(s): Chandana C, Neelashree N, Nikitha G N, Nisargapriya J, Vishwesh J
Page(s): 22-25
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Detection and Estimation of Pesticides Residue Using a Smart Pen
Author(s): Shirley D, Durga Dharshini D
Page(s): 26-31
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Design of Duplex Building and Terrace Garden
Author(s): Shubham Kumar, Shishir, Sharad Gautam
Page(s): 32-35
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An Overview on Utilization of Food Waste
Author(s): Shirley D, Durga Dharshini D
Page(s): 36-42
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Automatic Irrigation System and Radio Frequency Based Pest Control Using ARM 
Author(s): Arpitha, Farheen saba N, Gowthami D, Sathya  Sagar C
Page(s): 43-46
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RFID Based Transportation Safety Enhancement System for School Children
Author(s): Shobha H, Srinivas Prasad V, Prajwal R, Ranjith Gowda B, Sanjay Kumar B N
Page(s): 47-50
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Experimental Investigation and Optimization of Machining Parameters in Turning Process for Green Manufacturing
Author(s): Yogesh R Kodhilkar, Gurule N B
Page(s): 51-57
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Colonization of Mars
Author(s): Deepak Tehlan, Rajesh Mattoo 
Page(s): 58-60
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Automatic Lightning System for The Modern Automobiles
Author(s): Ashwini S S, Monisha N, Roopika T C
Page(s): 61-63
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Motorcycle Riding Safety
Author(s): Karandeep Singh, Rajesh Mattoo
Page(s): 64-66
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Synthesis and Studies On the Chemistry of Cyclohexamine - N- [(2/4 - Substituted Phenyl) Methylene] - N – Oxides
Author(s): Sakthi Raadha S
Page(s): 67-69
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Recent advances in Environment & Forest Laws with special reference to Oil, Petroleum & Gas Sector
Author(s): Tynsong H, Hussain J F, Aggarwal S K
Page(s): 70-74
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Overview of Digital Analytics
Author(s): Karampreet Singh Walia, Hansraj Yadav, Himanshu Sharma
Page(s): 75-77
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Overview of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Author(s): Navjinder Singh Gill, Hansraj Yadav, Manish Bagga
Page(s): 78-79
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Overview of Amazon Web Services
Author(s): Tarun Pratap Singh, Tanuj Pratap Singh, Hansraj Yadav
Page(s): 80-81
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PV Array Reconfiguration Under Different Partial Shading Conditions.
Author(s): Gitanjali Mehta, Faiz Ahmad, Abhishek Rai
Page(s): 82-85
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Automatic Railway Gate Control System
Author(s): Monika N, Harshitha D, Kavya N R, Mounika B
Page(s): 86-88
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Design and Analysis of an Electro-Magnetic Clutch
Author(s): Abhishek Chowdhary, Anupam Kumar, Sanket Kumar Singh
Page(s): 89-95
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Implementation of Prosthetic Robotic ARM Using Additive Manufacturing
Author(s): Shobha S, N Manu M, Santhosh Gagan T, S Shashank B, Ashwin Jayan
Page(s): 96-99
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Parking Management System
Author(s): Vitul Panwar, Utkarsh Agarwal, Tushar Garg, Sanjay K Sonker
Page(s): 100-103
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Personality Assessment Tool using Artificial Intelligence: A Review
Author(s): Minaz Inamdar , Pooja Kale, Pratiksha Shimpi, Pramit Jha
Page(s): 104-107
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Nanotechnology Applications in Science and Engineering
Author(s): Aakash verma, Ashish chawla
Page(s): 108-110
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A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge Regarding Proper Body Mechanic Techniques Among Staff Nurses at Selected Hospitals of Jodhpur with A View to Develop Self-Instructional Module
Author(s): Pawan Kumar Dewasi, Parvej Khan
Page(s): 111-113
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Wireless Power Transfer by Using Inductive Coupling
Author(s): Seema verma, Ashish patra, Tarun shrivastav    
Page(s): 114-116
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Some Problems of Continuity Embedding Job Mathematical Analysis
Author(s): Zaki Zurmati
Page(s): 117-120
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Electricity Generation from Solar Energy
Author(s): Chirag verma, Karan verma
Page(s): 121-122
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Vehicle Anti-theft system by implementing two module method
Author(s): Ritesh kumar
Page(s): 123-125
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Automobile Safety Technology and Its Improvement
Author(s): Ankit
Page(s): 126-129
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Design and Fabrication of Hydrogen Generator
Author(s): Senthil Kumar N, Manoj Mohan Prasath V, Krishnaraj S, Balakrishnan S, Kathirvel R
Page(s): 130-133
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Safety of Nuclear power
Author(s): Harkesh Yadav, Rajesh Mattoo   
Page(s): 134-135
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Performance of Masonry Infill Framed Structures During Earthquake: A State-Of-The-Art Review
Author(s): Priyanka, Alok Verma, Shobha Ram
Page(s): 136-139
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Study of Black Cotton Soil and Settled Soil Near Bhatghar Dam by Using Lime Rice Husk Ash and Fly Ash Stabilized
Author(s): Shailendra vishwas, Wayal Akshay, Todkar suraj, Tahir pathan
Page(s): 140-144
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Arduino Based CNC Drawing Machine
Author(s): Shubham Agarwal, Pradyumn Ratnaparkhi, R P kori  
Page(s): 145-148
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Technology to Combat Cyber Attacks by Artificial Intelligence
Author(s): Anirban Chakraborty
Page(s): 149-153
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Metal oxide nano-structure for sensor applications
Author(s): Preethi Sekar
Page(s): 154-166
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Design and fabrication of Oil Collector
Author(s): S H Pawar, Shukla Amit Kumar, Ahire Vishu, Patil Yashodhan, Patil Mayuresh
Page(s): 167-185
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Smart irrigation system using machine learning
Author(s): Vishal Saraswat, Ananth Rama Raju M, Rohit Gandhi, Rajath Raj guru A
Page(s): 186-189
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Smart City Hygiene Management using Android Application  
Author(s): Ashi Goel, Esha Bansal, Tripti Gupta, Ashutosh Piplani
Page(s): 190-193
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Interactive Application for Engineering College
Author(s): Vaibhav B, Rupesh P, Tushar P, Vijay P, Rohankumar P, Rohidas B. Sangore
Page(s): 194-199
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Automated Guided Vehicle Using Kinect Sensor
Author(s): Kotresh H M, Shabarish C Y, LakshmiBai A, Pavan V, Vivek K
Page(s): 200-204
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Studies to Increase Refrigeration Efficiency
Author(s): Ronal Sharma, Rajesh Mattoo
Page(s): 205-207
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Overview of Block Chain Technology
Author(s): Rita P, Neha P, Yamini J, Rohini J, Pooja K, Rohidas B S
Page(s): 208-211
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Running Updates Display On E-Notice Board Using GSM
Author(s): Prabha Shree R
Page(s): 212-214
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Microcontroller based Smart Irrigation System
Author(s): Aakansha Chaudhary, Anuradha Chaudhary, Deepak Agnihotri, Harshit Srivastava
Page(s): 215-218
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Automatic Tyre Pressure Inflation System
Author(s): Diwakar, Sahil
Page(s): 219-221
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Automobile Braking System Control
Author(s): Balram Chauhan
Page(s): 222-224
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Study to Assess the Practice Regarding Diabetes Self-Care Activities in Adults
Author(s): Bindu
Page(s): 225-227
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Analysis of Different Shape of High Rise Building with Alternative RCC Shear Walls Using STAAD Pro
Author(s): Basant Khare, Kavita Golghate
Page(s): 228-232
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Studies on Internal Combustion Engine Efficiency
Author(s): Manjeet kumar, Rajesh Mattoo
Page(s): 233-234
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Utilization of Moringa Oleifera Leaves and Hordeum Vulgare in Wheat Biscuits
Author(s): PreethiGanesan, SangeethaGandhi Sivasubramaniyan, BeulahChristy Israel, thirumoorthy Ramasubbu, SureshKanna Ganesan
Page(s): 235-238
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Design of Energy Efficient Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
Author(s): Monali Patil, Rajeshwari Rajeshirke
Page(s): 239-243
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