Volume-1, Issue-5, August-2020

Fire Detection Using Deep Learning
Author(s): Suhas G, Chetan Kumar, Abhishek B S, Digvijay Gowda K A, Prajwal R
Page(s): 1-5
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Integration of renewable source with Non-ideal grid conditions using new converter control
Siva Sai Praveen K, V Rammohan G
Page(s): 6-10
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Steady State Performance of Grid Connected PMSG Wind-Turbine Using New ZDC Control Under Asymmetrical Voltage Sags
Author(s): Kaveri B, V Rammohan G
Page(s): 11-14
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Multiple Illegal Activities Detection for Enhancing ATM Security
Author(s): Sumathi S K, Anusha, Radhika S M , Vismaya M K, Deepthi K
Page(s): 15-18
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Kinetic and Thermodynamic Aspects of Oxidation of 4-Hydroxy Phenyl acetic acid by N-Bromosuccinimide in Aqueous Medium
Author(s): Jayadevappa H P
Page(s): 19-23
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A Study on Pre-Vocational Training for the Hearing Impaired Students in Kolkata
Author(s): Kumaresh Roy
Page(s): 24-30
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Automatic Detection of Human Blood Group with Special Case in Low Resolution Using Image Processing
Author(s): Shashidhar S, Harshitha G U, Vivek K, Priyanka N, Soinika H R
Page(s): 31-36
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Semi-Automated Agriculture Robot for Seeding Function
Author(s): Shashanka Gowda S , Praveen Kumar K, Ravi Kumar A, Thribhuvan S S
Page(s): 37-40
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Effect of Facts Devices SSSC and STATCOM POD Controller
Author(s): Sanjiv Kumar, Abhisake Jain
Page(s): 41-47
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Ground Water Quality Test in Punjab Doaba Region
Author(s): Ashutosh Khajuria, Dinesh Sharma
Page(s): 48-53
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Eluding Soot for Better Environment Using Machine Learning
Author(s): Prasanna Patil, Varshini B, Vinay Kumar K N, Manju M, Manohar
Page(s): 54-58
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Design of A Self-Healing Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks
Author(s): Sannidhi P, Sathwik R. Gutti, R Shamanth M, Sai Charan R, Manjunath kotari S
Page(s): 59-64
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Vertical Axis Highway Wind Turbine
Author(s): Pushpendra Kushwaha, Arun Verma, Amit Aherwar
Page(s): 65-68
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Plant Beneficial Microbes: An Overview
Author(s): Deshmukh P D, Shinde S Y
Page(s): 69-72
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Review of Construction Equipment Management System at Construction Sites
Author(s): Asegid Tadesse, Srinivas Kumar, Krishna
Page(s): 73-78
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Multilevel Image Encryption and Decryption Based On Biometric Approach
Author(s): Kavya Ravishankar, Poornima Badgi, Neha K S, Nandini
Page(s): 79-84
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Screening Depression in IT Industry Using Machine Learning
Author(s): Sushma Koushik N, Pareekshith US Katti, Ganesh Manu Mahesh Kashyap, Sanjay R Rao, Jitendra Kumar Mahto
Page(s): 85-88
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Experimental Study On Concrete by Partial Replacement of Aggregates
Author(s): Raajesh Arvindh J R, Umamaheswari R
Page(s): 89-93
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Effectiveness of Nature Inspired Krill Herd Algorithms for Performing Phase Stability and Equilibrium Thermodynamic Calculations
Author(s): Anandan M, Dinesh Kumar V, Arangarajan M
Page(s): 94-101
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Vehicle Registration Using Aadhar
Author(s): Akshatha K, Seema Farheen K, Bibi Ayesha Ballary, Keerthi S 
Page(s): 102-106
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Iot Based Smart Motor Cycle Helmet
Bhavesh Shahare, Shivani Chawde, Rakesh Gudafwar, Harshada Pal, Purvi Bobade
Page(s): 107-109
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An Insight in to Prevalence of Binucleated Squamous Cells in Buccal Smear by Methylene Blue Staining
Author(s): Dr. Neelima P, Dr. Ravi Sunder R
Page(s): 110-111
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Production of Marshmallows by Using Colostrum
Author(s): Shirley D, Durga Dharshini D
Page(s): 112-115
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Community web application for event management platform
Author(s): Ajmal Shah, Abhishek D M, Aneesh R, Aishwarya S R, Thaseen Taj
Page(s): 116-120
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Thermal Analysis of Re-Entry Capsule Over the Heat Shield
Vijay Kumar, Joshuamukesh, Mathankumar, Mohamed Ferozudeen
Page(s): 121-124
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An Epidemiological Study of Protozone Parasites in The Human Population of Saharsa Municipality, North Bihar
Author(s): Rani Kumari
Page(s): 125-127
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A study on Evaluation of Anthelmintic Activity of Canavalia Ensiformis (Jack bean) pods
Author(s): Ankita Anna kotkar, Vandana P Aher, Kaveri Vaditke, C J Bhangale
Page(s): 128-131
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Development and Quality Evaluation of Sweet Potato Jam Blended with Cucumis Sativus and Beta Vulgaris
Author(s): Dhilipkumar M, Ragaventhira V, Manikandan J, Karthika R, Vaishnavi K N, Balasubramani V  
Page(s): 132-135
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Semantic Web Technology and Data Mining for Personalized System to Online E-Commerce
Author(s): S N Kakarwal, Pradip M Paithane, Sushant S Khedgikar
Page(s): 136-139
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Design of Shift Register with Minimized Area by Using 4 Bit Hybrid Latch
Author(s): Gayathri T, Kalaiselvy S
Page(s): 140-142
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