Volume-1, Issue-6, September-2020


Neural Network Based Brain Tumor Detection Using MRI
Author(s): Ian Griffth I, Adithya P, Althaf Hussain A, Thirumurugan R
Page(s): 1-8
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Autonomous Detection for Visually Challenged People
Author(s): Vengadpathi raj , Gayathri N, Gowsalya M, Aravind kumar J
Page(s): 9-15
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Strength Properties of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Course Aggregate with C & D Waste and Fine Aggregate with Foundry Sand for M25 Grade Concrete
Author(s):  Revanna E , Ravi Kumar C M, Pruthviraj S R, Maruthi T, Raghavendra S
Page(s): 16-25
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Daily Life Patterns Among Hypertensive School Teachers: A Comparative Study
Author(s): Rama Lakshmi, Darling B Bibiana
Page(s): 26-28
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Stair Climbing GPS Enabled Autonomous Wheelchair with Health Monitoring System
Author(s): Ganesh Reddy G, Vinod Kumar M, Sathish Kumar A, Manish Kumar B,Vadivu P, Malathi P, Preamalatha G
Page(s): 29-33
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Analysis of RC Building Using Base Isolation and TM Damper System
Author(s): Santoshi N Mohitkar, G H Sawai
Page(s): 34-38
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Implementation of Real-time Chat-Bot Hardware Detection for Visually Challenged People
Author(s): Maheswaran U , Deepadharshini B, Hemamalini K, Arthi S
Page(s): 39-43
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Seismic Analysis of Tall Building with Central Core as Tube Structure
Author(s): Mrunal P Kawade, Vivek S Bangde, G H Sawai
Page(s): 44-57
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Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor coupled with rear Axle in Hybrid Car
Author(s): Sateesh kumar R , Ragavendran R, Venkatesan R, Vignesh G
Page(s): 58-63
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Internet Weight Integrated Wireless Sensor Network Lightweight Three Factors and Principal Contract Protocol
Author(s): Mirza Atif Baig, Poorna Chandra Reddy, Komala G
Page(s): 64-66
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Efficacy of Stretching Exercises On Daily Activity of Old Age People with Osteoarthritis Among Elderly in Selected Aged Care Settings: A Quasi Experimental Study
Author(s): Varsha, Kirti Sharma
Page(s): 67-68
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Microcontroller Based Product Sorting by Using Colour Sensor
Author(s): Manoj Kharade, Sarthak Bhavsar, Swati Rathod, Kajal Molane, Suraj Mishra
Page(s): 69-73
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E Rural Health Companion System
Author(s): Manali H Desai, Jadon J Ruzario, Affaf A Sharif, Narayan N Naik
Page(s): 74-77
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Seismic Analysis of Structures with Variations in The Height of Infilled Walls
Author(s): Prem Shankar Kumar Bharti , Vikrant Dubey
Page(s): 78-82
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Distributed Load Balancing algorithms for Cloud Computing-A Survey
Author(s): Marakumbi Prakash R
Page(s): 83-86
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Dynamic voltage restorer using multi cascaded H-Bridge with a dual control strategy to Energy self-recovery and fault Current Limiting
Author(s): Yanamadala Uday Kiran , K Paparao 
Page(s): 87-92
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Preparation of Nutrient Rich Raisin candy by using Colostrum
Author(s): Vidhya D, Sowmiya P, Bharathi B, Manikandan T, Sandhosh S
Page(s): 93-95
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Rehabilitation of Maxillary Anterior with Different Ceramic Materials: A Case Series
Author(s): Shruti Potdukhe
Page(s): 96-97
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Processing of Antioxidant Rich Fizzy Aloe Vera Soda
Author(s): Abinaya M
Page(s): 98-101
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Investigation On Voltage Stability of Wind Integrated Power System
Author(s): Karthikeyan R
Page(s): 102-105
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