Volume-1, Issue-8, November-2020


Implementation of MIMO-OFDM with Zero Forcing Equalization
Author(s): Madhuri Sonwane Er, Madhavi Singh Bhawar
Page(s): 1-7
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Performance Analysis of Asymmetrical airfoil for Subsonic flight using XFLR5 software
Author(s): Joseph Daniel S
Page(s): 8-11
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Basirhat Municipality, North 24 Parganas, W.B.: Water Crisis and Proposed Water Treatment Plant Model, Word No. 6 of Basirhat Municipality, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal
Author(s): Mrinal Kanti Mondal
Page(s): 12-17
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Preparation of protein rich Cantaloupe candy using Goat milk
Author(s): Sreelakshmi A
Page(s): 18-21
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Power Generation Through Duel Energy System
Author(s): Guru Sujith P, Siva Kumar Ch, Ramesh M V
Page(s): 22-29
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Smart Gloves for Deaf and Dumb Students
Author(s): Pooja S Bhore, Neha D Londhe, Sonal Narsale, Prachi S Patel, Diksha Thanambir
Page(s): 30-40
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Automation in supply chain management using Internet of Things
Author(s): Sai Nalanda P, Nirmal Chand Ch
Page(s): 41-44
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Location Based Garbage Management System for Smart City
Author(s): Harini P K S, Ramya S, Yamini R
Page(s): 45-49
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Evolution of Employee Motivation Over the Years
Author(s): N V D Ramyasri T, Nirmal Chand Ch
Page(s): 50-54
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Humanoid Robotic Arm for Physically Disabled People
Author(s): Sahil Chiwhane , Vedant Boratkar, Nilesh Hajare, Anand Bawane, Priya Motghare
Page(s): 55-58
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Experimental Analysis On Awareness of Sexual Harassment and Prevention Measures
Author(s): Meena Suguanthi G, Preetha J C
Page(s): 59-62
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Evolution of Performance of Work by Check Sheet in Constructional Activities
Author(s): Karthik D
Page(s): 69-78
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Development of Antioxidant Rich Beetroot Candy Prepared Using Butterfly Pea Extract
Author(s): Krishnanjali, Sreelakshmi A, Alisha Mohamed
Page(s): 79-82
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An Overview of Providing Privacy for Cloud Data and Its Users Using Signature Keys
Author(s): Hiral Asna Kumar, Sheeja Beevi S
Page(s): 83-85
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A Review on Seed Priming Techniques in Field Crops
Author(s): Pradeep Kumar
Page(s): 86-91
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Image Steganography and Sending Private Data through Email Using Cloud Computing
Author(s): Sai charan Salluri
Page(s): 92-94
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Study on Mid-Day-Meal Analytics Scheme for School Children
Author(s): Manikumar T, John Sanjeev Kumar A, Sakkammal T, Gnanasankaran N
Page(s): 95-99
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