Volume-1, Issue-9, December-2020


Survey on Context Aware Computing and IoT Environment
Author(s): Rajamurugan A, Newlin Rajkumar M
Page(s): 1-7
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Piezo Electric Based Shoe Charger
Author(s): Surbhi Khambalkar , Saurabh Netke, Tejas Misal, Prekshita Bhandakkar, Vicky Kohad, Praful Somkuwar 
Page(s): 8-11
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Experimental Analysis Partially Replacement of Cement, Sand by GGBFS and Foundry Sand
Author(s): Karan Singh Norake, Lavina Talawale
Page(s): 12-16
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Smart Paper Generator
Author(s): Anjali Sunil
Page(s): 17-19
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A Study on Investors Awareness towards Various Saving Schemes Offered by SBI
Author(s): Pooja P , Sulekha A
Page(s): 20-23
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Retirement Planning _Perception and Awareness among Private Sector Employees with Special Reference to Coimbatore
Rumitha U G, Merlin UshaT
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A Study on Customer Satisfaction on Yamaha FZ
Author(s): Hariharan M, V Anitha S
Page(s): 28-30
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