Procedure to write a Research Paper

Procedure to write a Research Paper:

  1. Carry out Research
  • Select a research problem.
  • Survey the literature to progress in solving the selected problem.
  • Find the advantages and limitations of existing mechanisms/methodologies in solving the problem.
  • Solve the problem in your own way (The solution you provide must be better in terms of accuracy, computation time, utilization of computational resources and utilization of latest methodologies).
  • Compare the efficiency of proposed solution against the existing solutions.
  1. Writing Manuscript
  • Title: The title be short and concise and should avoid technological jargons or abbreviations.
  • Abstract: The abstract is the summary of the entire paper usually within 250 words. The abstract should highlight the novelty of your study and important findings.
  • Introduction: The introduction section should contain literature review with proper references to give a detailed background of the research problem you have addressed.
  • Methodology: The methods section should describe the experimental and/or simulation techniques used to carry out research.
  • Results: The results should be discussed in an orderly fashion in the results/discussion section. You should have a fraction of results, which would validate your experimental, and simulation techniques by comparing with the existing literature.
  • Conclusion: The Conclusion section summarizes the major findings of the study and what they mean altogether.
  1. Submission of Manuscript
  • Pick a suitable journal to your research work.
  • It is very essential that your work match with the scope of the journal you have picked.
  • Prepare your manuscript as per the journal guidelines and template.
  • Follow the submission procedure described in the journal site to submit the manuscript.
  • If your manuscript gets positive reviews, it will be published in the journal after you complete the necessary formalities.

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