Best journal to publish research paper in India

The primary intention of every researcher or academic who wishes to have their research work, findings, and outcomes published in journal publication that is well-known within the academic community of their respective discipline, is to spread the word and raise awareness of their work amongst everyone from peers and fellow researchers, to domain authorities, experts as well as students and scholars too.

This, albeit, can oftentimes prove to be the most difficult part. The vast majority of researchers and academics who manage to get their research papers and articles successfully published in a journal of their choice, feel like their published works haven’t had the impact that they expected it to have.

The main Points keep in mind while choosing the best journal publication is as follows

1. Genuine or not

2. Is it has genuine ISSN Number (Online or Print)

3. Is it  globally Indexed or not

4. Editorial Board

5. Is it has genuine certified Impact Factor

6. Frequency of Publication

7. Review Process


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